Keep your inventory tidy, remove out-of-stock products

Tidy your inventory

Remove or hide out-of-stock products and keep your inventory clean and fresh

Improve buyer experience

Unclutter the product list from Stoclean. The buyer sees only what can be sold.

Show restocked products

Show the restocked products as soon as you update the inventory.

Automate your Shopify inventory


One-click install. You don't have to write code or edit your theme. Install-Activate-Relax

Instant & unlimited

We change the visibility of your products instantly when the inventory changes, show or hide the product appropriatly. Without limitation on your product inventory size.

Built from experience

Menelabs is trusted by more than 1000 Shopify stores. We provide the best user experience with top quality standards and a top notch support.

out-of-stock cleaner app